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What do you actually know about Tiktok marketing? You might think the only thing you can do as a business is post ads, but more ways exist to get brand name recognition.

TikTok Marketing Guide

Who’s On TikTok?

TikTok is available in 155 countries, 75 languages, and has 800 million active users worldwide. Around 41 percent of TikTok users are ages 16 to 24. Grabbing the attention of this age range is crucial to surviving on the platform. 

How To Reach Your Target Audience

To really succeed on TikTok, you MUST determine your target audience. Once you understand the age and demographic you are targeting, stick to your niche. A niche is just your distinct segment of a target market. People tend to follow accounts that post specific niche content instead of mixed content. For example, if you want to post about fashion and dancing then make two separate accounts. This will help you reach both target markets and keep a highly engaged audience on both.

Post Content Daily For TikTok Marketing

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, you should be posting multiple times a day on TikTok. The more you post, the greater the chance of reaching potential followers. One video might get 5 views, but the one next to it might have 1 million. You never know what TikTok video is going to get the most interaction or screen time. This is why it’s important to always post QUALITY content.

Recreate Popular Trends and Videos

Most of the time, people get “TikTok famous” from following popular trends. When there is a video trend that pops up on your feed constantly, this is when you need to hop on the bandwagon. This doesn’t mean to copy someone’s video to a T, but put your own twist on it. You can direct it toward your brand and make it specifically target your audience. Hashtags are also important to use when you’re new to posting TikToks. 

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